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InFrame Panel Kitchen

InFrame Panel Kitchen

The InFrame Panel Kitchen builds on the same InFrame structure used in the InFrame Shaker Kitchen, but instead of the recessed central panel you have with a shaker kitchen this uses a flat panel.

The look this creates is one where the tradition and quality of an inframe kitchen is on display, but is made more contemporary by using the panel door.

When mixed with extended straight handles this offers a look that is at home in a minimalist penthouse as it is in a country manor house.

As with all our inframe kitchens, this is designed to be painted in situ and can be painted in any colour imaginable.

One great way to add interest to this kitchen is to mix it with a really bright coloured splashback, but as always - before you commit to spending money on a bright splashback we recommend that you try the colour out with paint first! It is much easier to change a paint colour than replace an expensive glass splashback.