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In-Frame Shaker Kitchen

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The InFrame Shaker Kitchen

The InFrame Shaker Kitchen is a hand made, hand crafted kitchen which oozes quality everywhere.

Our InFrame Kitchens are made from only the finest materials - tulipwood and ash for painted finish, or oak, and walnut if the finish is exposed wood.

The InFrame finish is always more expensive than a 'Lay On' kitchen as the amount of workmanship is much higher required to make it, and the materials are more expensive. Also the InFrame kitchen is always supplied in raw or primed finish.

The reason why it is always provided in raw or primed is because in order to do an InFrame kitchen justice it needs to be hand painted in situ, when it has been fitted.

This provides a high end, elegant finish where the kitchen sits perfectly within the room.

InFrame Kitchens have historically always been supplied with 'butt hinges' which are visible on the door, however this doesn't allow for soft close doors. We have therefore developed a range of soft close InFrame Kitchens which provides for a soft close door even on an InFrame Kitchen.

We also provide a huge range of decorative corbels, pilasters and trimming meaning that we can make the kitchen as complex and detailed as you want.

We offer a standard InFrame Shaker, but we can also accommodate custom sizes, patterns and shapes although this does cost a little more.