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Why Choose The Kitchen Workshop

Established 30 years ago in the heart of Cheltenham, we have completed over 2,500 kitchens in Cheltenham and as far afield as France, London, Oxford, Hereford, Buckingham and Cornwall.

We have a well established and experienced team who are committed to designing, and making the kitchen of your dreams.

Combining our knowledge and experience with an understanding of your hopes and aspirations, it is our aim to create a kitchen that is not just practical, but individual, maximising the space available and within budget.

Whilst we have standard ranges, we aren't limited by range or constraints as our in-house manufacturing and construction capabilities give us the flexibility to design the kitchen of your dreams.

Our placement in the market is - we believe - fairly unique. We compete on equal terms against the high end suppliers and the DIY stores. We supply Manor Houses and Stately Homes, as well as buy-to-let landlords and developers.

We can do this because we offer

- only high end, quality products to ALL our customers

- at consistent, affordable pricing (we don't have 'sales' - just great value all year round)

- made to order, customised products at standard product pricing 

This gives

- our DIY Store customers far better product for a similar price

- our High End customers similar great quality and design, but saves them the equivalent of a new car!

So we like where we sit. We can always give clients MORE when they come to us, than they can get elsewhere - more quality / more change left in their pocket. This is why we have over 90% of our business coming from referrals or repeat customers.


  • Are a local company in the heart of Cheltenham
  • Are Neff and Siemens MasterPartners allowing us to offer great products at better-than-internet prices
  • Have experience, products and depth gained over 30 years trading
  • Are able to provide customised solutions for standard pricing
  • Have over 90% of all our business coming from referrals or repeat custom
  • Offer Free Design and Consultation
To find out more please Contact Us to arrange an appointment.