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The Shaker Kitchen

The Shaker Kitchen is probably the ultimate in timeless classics. It has been around for decades, and will be for decades more to come.

Shaker Kitchens can be combined with Panel Kitchens as can be seen in one of the examples below to create a more contemporary feel and also can provide a timeless background which allows the accents and decorating around the kitchen to make it sharp and contemporary or rustic and traditional.

Our great quality Shaker Kitchens offer timeless quality and unrivalled versatility of design. 

When choosing a Shaker kitchen there are multiple options with different price options. All our Shaker kitchens are based on a wooden door, but a painted solid ash door is a more expensive choice when compared to the vinyl wrap doors.

Each has its benefits:

- The Painted Solid Oak Shaker Kitchen is a more expensive option but it is really high quality and has a couple of panel design options providing more or less detail. The advantage of a painted solid wood door is that not only is it it very tough and hardwearing, but it can also be painted again if you choose to change the colour. There is a wide choice of standard colours, but this can be customised to any colour you want.

- Our Classic Shaker Kitchen is vinyl wrapped, which not only keeps the price very competitive even when compared with DIY chainstores, but is very hardwearing and can be made any shape and any size. This flexibility and versatility at an entry level price creates real opportunity to get the best kitchen for your budget and space.


For both the Classic and the Painted Shaker Kitchens there are a number of style options and colour variations from natural wood, to shiny metallic finishes. We offer some of our kitchens available to buy online at discounted prices, but if you are looking for less straightforward kitchen we would advise working with our design consultants to make sure you get what you are looking for.

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