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B is for Bins

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Bins - where does all the rubbish go?

10 years ago everyone had a bin, but it wasn't a big deal. However since the introduction of recycling on a larger scale how to sort and store the rubbish has become a much bigger consideration.

Depending on where you live you will have different council requirements on sorting rubbish. Around Cirencester you need to separately sort food waste, cans & bottles, plastic, and cardboard into separate containers. In Cheltenham it is usually a little less onerous but even so it is good to be structured on recycling.

Customers usually want to hide bins - having spent time and money on getting fabulous new kitchen they don't want to ruin it with unsightly bins on display and there are quite a few options. 

Integrated bin units have the doors attached to the front of the bin and they pull out together. These pullout bins come in standard or softclose options with the softclose options being a little more expensive. 

Pullout bins come in standard sizes to suit units ranging from 300 wide to 600 wide but on in-frame kitchens they are usually set at 600.

The wider the cabinet and bin the more compartments there are. A 600 wide pullout bin usually has 4 compartments. Often customers would like less compartments that are bigger but they don't come like this as otherwise the weight of a single large unit can cause the units to fail. 

Because of their recycling requirements some customers, particularly around the Cirencester area, choose to have a narrower pullout bin unit of 400mm but add an open cupboard nearby for putting the cardboard bag and plastic bottles bag in. 

For smaller recycling and rubbish requirements we can provide drawer based compartments like the one in the photo below to fit under a sink, or even a door hung bin.

Recycling is a good thing and does make a difference but it makes sense to consider it at the outset. Luckily there are plenty of choices of bins so just raise it with your kitchen designer and you will end up with a good workable solution.



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