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Making Homes, not houses.

Welcome to The Kitchen Workshop, where we have been manufacturing kitchens to order for 30 years.

Established in 1988, we have delivered thousands of kitchens across the Cotswolds and as far afield as London, Cornwall and even to France.

Our kitchens are split into 3 Collections - Classic Inframe, Traditional and Contemporary.

Our Collections

Classic Inframe @ TKW

Hand Painted kitchens, at sensible prices.

Contemporary Collection

Stunning Quality Kitchens that will bring your home to life.

Traditional Collection

Clean and Elegant Design Icons don't have to cost the earth.


Affordable Quality.

At The Kitchen Workshop we have been designing and making kitchens in Cheltenham for nearly 30 years and during this time we have learnt a little about kitchens!

Kitchens, more than any other part of the house have to be stylish and yet practical. No other room has to work as hard, and yet be so much a reflection of its owner.

Over the years, styles and fashions have changed, and along with this the way that people live in kitchens has evolved too.

Now kitchens are expected to not just be a functional area where people cook, it is the heart of the home. It is the main reception area, and the centre for entertaining. Most extensions or home remodelling is carried out to create an ever larger room that is multi-functional.

Islands or peninsula's create integral seating area and often the kitchen performs the function of a stage.

Getting the right design, and layout is fundamentally the most important part of any design. Finish, and decoration are important too, but that tends to come after the main layout is finalised.

Some rooms and kitchens mandate how the kitchen will be laid out, but with our ability to create unique and custom designs, there are always ways to optimise the space.

We work with Clients to get this right, and we offer free initial design and consultancy to assure the right solution is found.

So please take a look at our ranges, remember that we have more ranges than we can show here and please book an appointment to discuss your project.